Taking advantage of the Enterprise Zone Program

We were introduced to Brendan Foote and his company, Cal Tax Group, Inc., through a client of ours who was able to claim quite a bit in California tax credits related to the Enterprise Zone.  This article gives the quick facts of what you need to know about the Enterprise Zone credits. 

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Brendan Foote, Partner

Cal Tax Group, Inc.,  San Diego, CA  92101   

619-202-4198; bfoote@caltaxgroup.com

 “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” We are clearly in the midst of difficult economic times that limit our ability to grow a business, but for companies in certain areas of San Diego County, there is one program that may be the perfect catalyst to take steps in the expansion direction. The San Diego Regional Enterprise Zone is a California funded tax incentive program that encourages businesses and business owners in certain parts of the state to create job opportunities and buy equipment. Through lucrative tax incentives, companies creating eligible jobs and purchasing qualified equipment can look forward to tens of thousands of dollars in state income tax credits. 

San Diego’s Enterprise Zone is concentrated south of Interstate 8, stretching from Downtown and east, including the majority of the South Bay and border regions as well. Companies located “in the zone” can obtain state income tax credits for each new employee they hire who meets one of thirteen qualifying criteria. Among these criteria include; former military, those hired off unemployment, residents of the local communities and those laid off from their previous place of employment. For each employee that meets one of these qualifying criteria, companies can receive up to $38,000 in credits over a five year period. 

For qualified equipment purchased, namely manufacturing equipment or computer based equipment; companies can convert California sales tax paid on such expenditures into an income tax credit. 

All California income tax credits obtained can be carried forward indefinitely and used against any tax liabilities resulting from Enterprise Zone income. For pass-through entities such as S-Corporations and LLCs, the income tax credits flow directly to the shareholders of the company and can be applied against personal income taxes resulting from W2, K-1 and rental or other passive income sources generated within the Enterprise Zone. 

One of the best parts about this program is companies who have not yet participated can identify and claim credits retro-actively on amended tax returns for up to four years against taxes they have paid to the State. Refunds will be issued and any remaining credits can be carried forward for future use.

 In short, if you aren’t taking advantage of the Enterprise Zone Program, you are passing up “free” money.

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