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Micah Dean Dorsett is here!

Jessica Dorsett, CPA and Senior Accountant at Polito Eppich Associates, adds proud mom once again to her resume.  Jessica founded our blog and is a major contributor to our firm so…Congratulations to Jessica and Brett on the birth of their son, Micah!  He was born on 8/29/11 at 10:35 p.m. and weighed in at 7 lbs. 13 oz.  Mother and father are well and adjusting to sleepless nights for a while.  2-year-old Chase has a new little brother and will have to share mom but is warming up quickly.  Brett is helping out until Grandma comes in this week!  Our best wishes on the blessed addition to your family!

Welcome Jim Jamieson!

Over the years we have developed a friendly and collaborative relationship with Jim Jamieson, CPA, whose practice “The Jamieson Company” was located in Oceanside.  Effective September 1, Jim merged his practice with ours.  Welcome Jim and Jamieson Company Clients!  We are looking forward to working with Jim and serving Jamieson Company Clients!

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Jessica Dorsett

Saturday is Jessica’s birthday and she is the thoughtful person who posts all the Happy Birthdays on our blog so here’s my feeble attempt to honor hers! 

Jessica has been with the firm over 5 years.  Paul recruited her on her wedding day!

Here’s the story…. 

Paul’s daughter Regina and Jessica are good friends.  A spot had opened up on our audit staff a week before Jessica’s wedding.  Paul knew that Jessica was a high achiever from years of connection when Regina and Jessica got together at the Polito house.  As often happens, Jessica had been recruited before graduation by a firm in San Diego and hadn’t even thought about our firm.  Literally on her way out the door to Jessica’s wedding, Paul asked Regina, “Do you know where she is going to work?”  “Some firm in Sand Diego, she’s not looking forward to the drive from Escondido”.   Paul told Regina to let Jessica know that “We would make her an offer she couldn’t refuse”, which Regina relayed to Jessica at her wedding.  After the honeymoon, Jessica interviewed with Don and decided to join our firm. 

She is thorough, professional and proactive and her contributions to our firm grow each year.  Her clients love her and often take the time to let us all know what a great CPA and person she is. 

She has propelled the firm’s baby boomers into the 21st century leading development of our website design and blog content.  She also monitors our quality control program on the attest side of the practice. 

She is a dear friend to us all and raises the bar by her dedication.  This is going to be a great year for her as she and her husband Brett are expecting a new brother or sister for their 21 month old son Chase!

Happy Happy Birthday Tom!

While everyone in the office is buried in tax planning, Tom decided to have a birthday.  Yesterday was Tom’s birthday (sorry I’m late Tom).  He is one of our talented accountants who took a bit of a road trip to find his way to accountancy.  I must say, he’s come a long way. Our office wouldn’t be the same without him.  I whole heartedly mean that too… he is the cause of many spouts of laughter around here.  I wish I could share some of the things he does.  He created a hilarious video using pictures of the men in our office… Paul won’t let me put on the blog.

In all seriousness, Tom, we are glad you are a part of our team.  We look forward to seeing your career excel as we all know it will.  Happy Birthday Tom!

Alyssa Mackenzie Brenier is Here!

Jason and Katelyn Brenier are celebrating the birth of Alyssa Mackenzie, their second child, on July 2nd, 2010.   She has the same birthday as her big brother, Jason, who just turned 2!  Here’s the announcement we received and pictures (of course)!

Alyssa was born at 3:10am.   Her and Jase are exactly two years apart! (We couldn’t of planned that).   Katelyn and Aly are doing great! Thank you for all of your prayers.    Jason


Jason, Katelyn and Aly

Alyssa Mackenzie Brenier

Jase, the Big Brother

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